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Hengyi Electric Group was founded in 1993, with registered capital of 58 million yuan, specialized in manufacturing APF, SVG, SPC, intelligent power capacitor compensation devices, intelligent anti-harmonic capacitor compensation devices,high and low voltage capacitors, and reactive power automatic compensation controllers. The company’s two major production bases are located in Wenzhou and Shanghai. Cover an area of 20,000 square meters and 25,000 square meters,and produced millions of power quality products annually.

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    Founded in 1993
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    28 years experience
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    More than 18 products
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    More than 2 billion


We are committed to power quality management to ensure the safe and efficient transmission of power

  • Static Var Generator – for charging pile

    Static Var Generator &...

  • Dynamic comprehensive compensation device APF /SVG module + HYBAGK anti-harmonic

    Dynamic comprehensive ...

    Overview APF /SVG module + HYBAGK anti-harmonic capacitor (combined set). The APF or SVG module is installed in the cabinet and equipped with incoming circuit breakers and quick-fuse The capacity of HYBAGK capacitor module is any combination of 5kvar ~ 60kvar; the capacity of APF or SVG module is 50A (35kvar), 100A (70kvar), 100kvar optional. Ventilation design on the back, with ventilation filter holes. Capacitor switching is controlled by APF / SVG, which is more intelligent. The advantages...

  • HYAPF active power filter cabinet / HYSVG static Var generator cabinet

    HYAPF active power fil...

    Overview HYAPF / HYSVG detects the load current in realtime through the external current transformer (CT), calculates the harmonic/reactive component of the load current through the internal DSP, and sends it to the internal IGBT through the PWM signal, then generate a compensating current with the same amplitude but opposite phase angles to the detected harmonics / reactive power to achieve the filtering/compensation function. ● Harmonic compensation: APF can filter 2 ~ 50 times random harmo...

  • HYSPC three-phase load imbalance automatic adjustment device

    HYSPC three-phase load...

    Overview Three-phase imbalances are common in low voltage distribution networks. Due to the existence of a large number of singlephase loads in urban and rural networks, the current imbalance between the three phases is particularly serious. The current imbalance in the power grid will increase the loss of the line and transformer, reduce the output of the transformer, affect the operation safety of the transformer, and cause zero drift, resulting in three-phase voltage imbalance, and reduce ...


Service First

  • Hengyi Electric Applied in Tanyue Mansion, Sunshine City, Nanning

    Project Background  Nanning Sunshine City Tanyue is located in the West University Prefecture area, surrounded by dozens of universities such as Xiutian Primary School, West University Affiliated Middle School, and School of Finance and Economics, meeting the needs of full age education. The proj...

  • Smart electricity, a strong support for high-quality development

    Hengyi Power Quality Products Selected for the 5G Project of Mianyang Industrial Park Project Background The new generation information technology industry represented by big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things in Mianyang Industrial Park; Characteristic industries represented by ae...